All Purpose Pumps’ response to Covid-19:

At All Purpose Pumps’ we pride ourselves on supplying pump solutions and systems to a variety of clients including, but not limited to, hospitals, supermarkets, schools & aged care facilities. As such, it is vital that we continue trading throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of our team and customers. These include:

Daily cleaning, social distancing & PPE.

We are constantly monitoring and following government recommendations which are then communicated to our team via the All Purpose Pumps Covid-19 Safe Plan. Cleaning of office spaces, tools, and common areas including lunchrooms and high contact areas such as doorknobs, are occurring daily. Where remote working is not an option, common areas have been measured to maintain social distancing within these spaces. Hand sanitisers and cleaning supplies are readily available, and all Members must have access to a face mask at all times and must wear it if social distancing is not possible.

A copy of the All Purpose Pumps Covid-19 Safe Plan can be available on  request.

Covid-19 cases on site

All visitors to our site must complete a Covid-19 Questionnaire to ensure contact tracing is available if required.

Before our Service Technicians attend site to carry out their required works, our office staff are in contact with our customers to ensure risks are minimal.

If a Covid-19 case has been detected onsite and one of our staff members have attended, or are due to attend, please notify us immediately by calling (03) 8368 0000 or emailing (after hours). Likewise, if a member of our team tests positive, we will be in contact with all relevant parties as soon as possible.